Rev. Barber

From Pastor Jerome A Barber

Blessings to you all.

My daily prayer for you is that you remain safe and are staying sanitized. This COVID-19 Pandemic has challenged us in every way as we continue to face conditions and circumstances beyond our control. In spite of all that, the church has risen to the challenge. As I have stated throughout these challenging times is, the church is not destroyed but rather the church is deployed.

This COVID-19 update is to share with you the stance that we are taking in response to the recent decision of our state to reopen businesses and Houses of worship. The decision to lift some of the restraints on public gatherings for churches is only a recommendation and not a requirement. As your pastor, I want it to be clear that my primary concern and my priority is the safety and the well-being of our community of faith. The Governors order to allow churches to occupy at 50% of our capacity was released with very strict guidelines, that include materials that must be purchased and signage that must be in place. We will proceed carefully, prudently and prayerfully as we determine how SMZBT as a place of worship will proceed in the days ahead. The real question about our gathering together again in our buildings is, not how soon but how safe. My desire and prayer is that we not let anxiousness override caution and wisdom as we return to a new level of worship. For our safe return we have created a COVID-19 response team that includes members of congregation as well as leaders on the community and state level. Medical professionals, local and state community leaders are providing me with valuable information that will help us to map out a very intentional comprehensive plan that will help us to regather safely, that honors the guidelines but also places the health and well-being of our community as our priority. We will continue to conduct all of our worship services and bible studies on line, (Facebook live and YouTube channel) as well as on our Daily Life Lifting Word phone line. (717-275-8940, access code: 138-0240)  Please visit our website,, and our church app for any updates.

Once again know that the safety and the well-being of our community of faith is my greatest concern and my daily prayer target.  My goal is to bring a strong, faith filled, prayerful church back into a safe, sanitized building.

I love you all to life and I am so honored to be a part of this awesome community of faith we call SMZBT!!! Please stay safe, stay sanitized, and stay connected!!!

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