Prayer Changes things

Who do I contact when I am going to the hospital for surgery or an extended stay?

Who do I contact when a member has death in the family? 

What if the death occurs after normal church hours or on a holiday?

I need the church’s assistance as I go through a close family member’s illness or death. Who do I contact at Sixth Mount Zion Baptist Temple?

How can my personal request be placed on the weekly prayer list?


Reverend Harvey Cook is the Administrator for Pastoral Care and Counseling.

Call the church office at 757-896-6050 Ext 302 from 8:30 AM-5:30 PM to speak with Reverend Harvey Cook. In case of an after hours emergency, please call our 24-hour Emergency number 757-951-7434 and speak with the Minister on call.

You may submit your prayer request at Pastor Barber will personally pray over your request.